Our Vision:

Working as a team, together with our clients, we will shape the future of the workplace by creating, disseminating, and applying new knowledge, by personalizing service delivery to Institutions and their Employees.

Our Mission:

To improve lives through innovation in research, education & service.


Integrity  |  Teamwork  | Innovation Excellence  | Leadership


At we take a purely educational approach to client acquisitions.

At, we recognize that successful mid-sized corporations have the same unique needs which FORTUNE 500 companies face around the globe. is a collaboration of top industry Consultants in the areas of Employee Benefits, Retirement Plan Administration, Risk Management, and Business Process Improvement specializing in the delivery of FORTUNE 500 “One-Point-of-Contact” solutions for mid-sized organizations. target clients are companies who “lead their respective industries,” or “will lead their respective industries in the future.”

We replace fragmented product driven structures that are costly, time-consuming, and confusing with a consolidated service system designed to:

  • Provide branding advantages typically only available to the FORTUNE 500 Community
  • Maximize buying power
  • Save time, and increase appreciation utilizes its industry knowledge and contacts to create solutions normally reserved for much larger companies.

CLIENTS WE SERVE works to provide Market Research & Services to a broad spectrum of industries and enjoys highly regarded endorsements from multiple trade associations and centers of influences.

For over two decades, has successfully developed relationships that reinforce Branding, Culture Building, and EmployeeCARE which are designed to take your company into the future. enjoys a national presence, delivering service to a broad spectrum of corporate clients across America.

Real Estate Development Firm

$3 Billion

Aggregate Development


$50 Million

13 independent locations

Waste Management Services

$30 Million

Statewide Logistics & Service Firm

Ag Equipment Manufacturer

$40 Million

ISO accredited


$100 Million

Acute and Extended

Care Provider

Custom Metal Fabricator

$100 Million

Family owned.

International Distributor

Specialty Refrigerated

Transportation Firm

$50 Million

Statewide Logistics & Service Firm

Leader in Nursing

Care Industry

$150 Million


Our commitment to education results in producing better solutions for our clients. Analysts are the human/creative talent on top of the technology. Areas of Academic concentration include Actuarial Science Studies, Business Management, Marketing, Law, and Education. OPOC. us Analysts and outside Consulting Resources are in continuous pursuit of Advanced Degrees and Professional Credentials such as MBA, CPA, CFA, CMFC, CRPS, and Juris Doctorate.

The Analyst Team regularly studies market intelligence from sources such as Harvard Business Review, Princeton University Press, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, Pension Planet, Center for Fiduciary Studies, Bain Consulting, and Boston Research Group. secures new client engagements through “Education” and retains “Clients For Life” through “Ultimate Service.”


The foundation of our success is driven by our ability to listen to our customers and match needs with innovative strategy.

Our diverse experience, systems, and national relationships provide the tools necessary for you to take your company to the next level. operates as a results driven Research & Service Administration collaborative providing access to some of the top Consultants in the country.

Simply stated, we leave the routine quoting and spread sheeting to the retail brokerage community. Our focus is on managing costs through Strategic Planning.

In most cases, the Strategic Planning process creates buying power advantages and service infrastructure improvements without any required changes to your current carrier relationships. The Strategic Planning process simply creates opportunities for efficiencies, cost containment, and service improvement within your existing programs.    

employee benefits consulting

  • One-Point-of-Contact
  • Market Intelligence
  • Industry Trends
  • 5 Year Strategic Planning
  • Carrier Rate Management
  • Technology Trends
  • Consumer Health Plan Design
  • Total Plan Review

cost containment/risk management

  • Plan Documentation Due Diligence
  • Eligibility Audit Project Management
  • Hospital Bill Audits
  • Physician Bill Audits
  • Utilization/Charge Master Analysis
  • Cost Containment Solutions
  • EmployeeCare Hot-line
  • ExecutiveCare Hot-line

retirement plan admin consulting

  • Market Intelligence
  • Technology Trends
  • Merger & Acquisition Trends
  • Fiduciary Trends
  • Legislative Trends
  • Time Savings Tools
  • Plan Documentation/Design
  • Safe Harbors/Auto Plan Components
  • Total Plan Review

Business Process Improvement

  • Best Practice Trends
  • Culture Building
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Trends
  • M&A Alignment

Delivered through Registered Representatives of Securities America, Inc., your Institutional & Personal Assets are in good hands.

Although many of the thought leaders serve you only in a capacity of Consulting, Administration, and Strategic Planning within the collaboration of professionals, individuals who are Registered Representatives within the practice provide you with access to a large variety of investment products and services.

The approach to investment management is simple… to provide Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals with the same access to the investment world which many asset managers enjoy.

You invest side-by-side and share common desires, similar goals, parallel motivations and comparable attitudes towards portfolio and risk management. We are committed to building long-term relationships through excellent client service, striving for enhanced performance, and while having the ability to customize portfolios to meet your unique needs.

Our strengths lie in the globally integrated operations and investment teams, our combined disciplined and established investment processes, and the knowledge and experience of our diverse group of employees. Securities America, Inc. is the broker/dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC, and a registered investment advisor.


Securing your information in all formats and protecting it through co-location and redundant systems infrastructure provides you with peace of mind.


Today, more than ever, data protection is a major priority. Maintaining HIPAA, Federal Patriot Act, and ERISA compliance on your behalf is a top priority at To make sure that only authorized individuals and our associates are on our campus (where your data/files exist) we strictly monitor who is coming and going from the facility.  All of our associates are admitted to our facility via state-of-the-art Biometric Identity Confirmation Technology.  Entry is validated only by a combination of who the person is (fingerprint scan), what they know (pass code), and what they have (keycard).  All guests are signed in/out and required to display their guest badge at all times. The security entry data tracking is backed by motion-detected video surveillance 24/7.


Website security utilizes the highest level of hardware, software, and application security methodology ensuring a trusted site for authorized users. The objective of network access is simple—to allow authorized users to access financial information while simultaneously preventing unauthorized access. Any organization deploying interactive web services must develop a comprehensive network security plan and not rely solely on authentication and encryption to protect their data.

DISASTER RECOVERY has developed its disaster recovery plan with the goal of continuing the timely service to which our clients are accustomed. Here are some of the highlights and significant features of our business continuity plan, as well as some general technology information.


Our technology background supports the ultimate service platform allowing us to quickly answer employee and employer questions saving valuable time and innovating your programs.


Our in-house expertise is supported by cutting edge technology that creates solutions and alternatives that drive value innovation.


Leading-edge institutional systems are used to measure, quantify and report the evidence necessary to determine options that are best for you.

Capturing that information and mapping it along policy results in consistency.

Integrating functionality based on tested and proven strategies ultimately creates continuous process improvement that keeps your organization advancing to the next level.


We have a customized call center that integrates our telephony and computer technology. This directly impacts our client service capacity; allowing us to monitor calls, end lengthy wait times, and end the dilemma of having executives or employees call, only to get a recording.  We are continuously improving the impact our human capital makes through intense coaching and communication.